5 Simple Steps To Write Dissertation Research Questions

dissertation research questions

There is no doubt that the selection of your dissertation topic takes a lot of research and thinking. But once you have selected the topic of your dissertation, the next step involves specifying problems that are worth investigating for defining and refining your research topic. For this purpose, you will have to understand:

  • The important issues that you will have to face
  • The arguments that you will need to provide in order to prove or disapprove of something
  • The problems or questions that are not worth your attention

In order to do that, you must have proper knowledge of what dissertation research questions are and how you can write research questions for your dissertation.

What Are Dissertation Research Questions? 

Research questions are the fundamental questions for your dissertation around which your research revolves. Choosing a research question is a crucial component for writing your dissertation. Your dissertation research questions:

  • Must be understandable by the audience
  • Must be researchable
  • Must be relevant to your dissertation
  • Must be concise and expressed in the fewer words
  • Must not be answered with a simple Yes or No. Instead, it must require a proper debate to answer the questions.

Importance Of Research Questions To Your Research Strategy Dissertation

Research Questions provide a proper path by helping the students to focus on their research. With well-researched questions, a student can write an authentic and arguable thesis. But without research questions, a student will never know what to search for and what to write in his/her thesis. 

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Types Of Dissertation Research Questions

There are two major types of Dissertation Research Questions i.e Qualitative Research Questions and Quantitative Research Questions. Before writing your dissertation you must prepare questions of each type so that your dissertation stays up to the mark.

Qualitative Research Questions

Qualitative research questions seek to describe the phenomenon in the answer instead of providing a clear nomothetic explanation. They are more flexible and adaptable as compared to the quantitative research questions. Hence, the answers to these questions focus on exploring, discovering, and elucidating.

They are categorized as: 

  • Contextual Research Questions
  • Explanatory Research Questions
  • Evaluation Research Questions
  • Descriptive Research Questions
  • Exploratory Research Questions

Quantitative Research Questions

Quantitative research questions are entirely different from qualitative research questions. They focus on providing a detailed and knowledgeable explanation as an answer. These questions obtain numerical data that can be examined statistically.

They are categorized as:

  • Relationship Research Questions 
  • Comparative Research Questions
  • Descriptive Research Questions

Steps To Write Dissertation Research Questions

There are several facts and figures that are meant to be considered while writing dissertation research questions. Because if your research questions are good then your written dissertation will also be up-to-the-mark. But if your research questions are shabby and worn out then your dissertation will follow. You can either learn to research and write research questions for your dissertation or you can take help from a renowned dissertation writing service to write your dissertation for you. The tremendous services offered by Premium Dissertation Help are exclusive but economical so that the students can avail of them even with their pocket money.

Some basic steps to writing dissertation research questions are as follows:

Choose A General But Interesting Topic

The research questions are dependent on the topic of the dissertation, which is why if you are writing a dissertation then your research topic must be general, interesting, and aligned with your culture. Most of the students choose topics that include technology, media, and healthcare. But you should always choose a topic that is related to your specific study or your major i.e humanities, engineering, science, etc.

Your topic must be general. For example “Films of the 1950s”. This is a general topic converging a wide range of audiences. These kinds of topics are considered good. Not just that, your dissertation writing topic should be interesting so that it can attract readers’ attention. A good topic will attract the readers, making them curious about your project. Hence, you will get positive feedback. But if your topic is not interesting not only people will dislike it but also you will not be able to attract the necessary audience. 

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Keep Your Audience In Mind

Mostly when you write a dissertation, your audience is the students and the teachers of different colleges and universities. But you should always keep your audience in your mind while developing your research questions and writing your dissertation. Because the most important thing is whether they will like your content or not. That is why it is a must that you keep your audience in mind while developing dissertation research questions.

So next time when you are developing your research questions think about whether that particular audience will be interested in your questions or not.

Do A Thorough Research

It is believed that research is the key to success while developing dissertation research questions. So search as much as you can before you begin to develop the research questions for your dissertation. Because the more you search, the more knowledge you will get. Hence your research questions will be more diverse in nature. 

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Ask Rhetorical Questions

The more questions you ask the better your dissertation is gonna be. For this purpose, start asking open-ended questions from yourself about your topic. For example, for the title “Films of the 1950” you can ask questions like “How did the films of 1950 depict the image of brutalism” or “How did the films of 1950 portray the conditions of the Great Depression”. These kinds of questions will enhance the quality of your dissertation and will make it look better.

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Answer Your Questions Optimistically

Developing questions is one thing. These questions should be concise, focused, and related to the title. But answering these questions is another thing. The answers to your research questions should be straight to the point and have an optimistic point of view. You should further refine your content with more research and better answers.

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Features Of A Good Dissertation Research Question

Have you ever thought about why we give so much value to the research questions? It is because the research questions enlighten those specific issues that we want our assignment to focus on. That is why it is an essential step to develop clear, concise, and focused research questions before starting to write your dissertations. Some of the basic features of a good dissertation research paper are stated below.

A well-written dissertation research question will:

  • Keep your interest developed
  • Keep you curious and focused on the topic
  • Help you to learn new things
  • Broaden your point of view
  • Help you to foresee the potential challenges and problems

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