7 Essential Tips to Write a Secondary Research Methodology Dissertation

Secondary Research Methodology Dissertation Example

The term ‘‘methodology’’ in simple words, explains the entire process of data collection and analysis based on true logic and philosophy. Originally, a methodology is made after proper research and analysis to provide enough understanding of that particular term.

A secondary research methodology dissertation example includes highlighting the philosophical support of your research and drafting the certain research design decisions you’ve made. The point of the secondary research methodology dissertation example is to justify your design choices to the reader and how you designed your research.

The secondary research methodology dissertation example should completely portray the design choices you have made. For instance, any type of qualitative or quantitative research you conducted, the way you collected your data, how you summarize your data, and from where you collected data. Read the article below to get a better understanding.

The 7 Most Effective Steps To Write A Secondary Research Methodology Dissertation

The secondary research methodology dissertation example is an important part of a dissertation or a research paper that cannot be avoided in any case. Evaluating errors in the methodology section exhausts the whole dissertation. For this purpose, here is a guide on how to write a flawless methodology for a dissertation.

This detailed guide describes how to write a methodology section for a dissertation.

1. Outline Of The Research Design Is Must

There are several guides on the internet which help you look at this part. It is essential to clear which research design you are using before writing a methodology. There are many factors in research design. 

Following are the research designs that are known to be the most common.

  • Experimental designs: a process in which the same topics are to be executed by two or more groups.
  • Descriptive designs: present any certain topic accurately and systematically, i.e; exploration of an idea or connection between two innovations. 
  • Review: shows gained insights and how insight encourages research policies.

If you are facing any problem and are unable to understand the methodology then research and diversify your knowledge so that you may have a diversity of ideas flowing in your mind that can help you to clarify a better research design for your secondary research methodology dissertation example.

2. Focus On The Philosophy Behind The Research

Research philosophy is the most important factor in any research. Knowingly or unknowingly some researchers often avoid this part. Thus, putting force on a collection of data is not alone important. If a reader cannot feel connected to the philosophy of a dissertation, it is hard for them to get the essence of the research. The philosophy not only makes the dissertation easier to understand but compelling enough to communicate with the readers. According to a study, four types of research philosophies are mentioned below:

  • Realism
  • Pragmatism
  • Positivism
  • Postmodernism 

However, the concept of gaining objective knowledge is essential to connect readers with the philosophy of the secondary research methodology dissertation example.

3. Don’t Forget To Mention The Research Approach (Deductive/Inductive)

The most perfect secondary research methodology dissertation example is incomplete without mentioning the research approach. The Research approach is divided into two approaches as given below:

  • Deductive Approach

The deductive approach generally includes a scientific theory or certain investigation. Meanwhile, it is properly-suited to the positivist philosophical theory. Moreover, it is suitable for other philosophies too. 

In a deductive approach, the researchers need to study other researchers and phenomenal theories on their specific topic in this approach. In other words, deductive research consists of theory-based attempts. 

  • Inductive Approach

Contrarily, inductive research is rather different from the deductive approach. It is about given factors:

  1. Exploring a specific phenomenon for research
  2. It works with interpretivism and postmodernism
  3. Using the outcomes to execute a new theory

Moreover, inductive research has a findings-led approach.

4. Introduce Research Methods(Qualitative/Quantitative)

Don’t forget to introduce the research method whether it is qualitative research methodology or quantitative research method. 

  1. Quantitative research: As we all know, quantitative means “numerical data”.Thus Quantitative research method is specifically used to collect numerical data. The method is particularly used when you are tracing the data, counting, and categorizing. Moreover, students or researchers get quantitative data through surveys, experiments, and existing data. Statistical Calculation is used in quantitative research methods.
  2. Qualitative research: Qualitative research method is merely used to find non-numerical data. In a qualitative research method researchers group the information based on data collection. This method plays a crucial role in developing a hypothesis. Researchers collect data from groups, interviews, and personal observations.

Keep in mind that selecting the research methods largely depends on the requirements of your research. However, after getting the methodology complete, make sure to get it double-checked. You can also hire professional proofreaders and editors.

5. Highlight These Points In The Methodology

Focus on the following points mentioned below: 

  • Explain the sampling strategy without ifs and buts.
  • Specifically state the plan of the research paper.
  • Give reference to how you collected the data. 
  • Describe Data analysis for your research. 
  • Mention reference to the researcher you have followed.
  • Write the validity of the data and result.
  • Scrutinize all ethical terms of your research paper.

6. Get Help From A Professional Proofreading & Editing Service

It is normal and common for humans to make mistakes. In Secondary Research Methodology Dissertation example writing, editing and proofreading are important to make sure the authenticity of the content is at its best. Mistakes like grammar, punctuation, syntax, sentence construction and other minor errors occur that need to be corrected. Consulting and Hiring an expert for correcting such errors saves your time and also guarantees consistency and originality writing in your dissertation.

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7. Most Significant Tips To Write An Influential Methodology For A Dissertation

  • Make proper citing in relevant sources.
  • Don’t ignore the hurdles you have experienced while writing your dissertation and make changes where needed.
  • Make sure to check grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Focus on a proper writing structure.
  • Notice your audience and connect to them.
  • Don’t get diverted from your aim and the purpose of your dissertation.
  • Search and Explore scholarly research papers and their methodology sections to have a better idea and understanding.

Make sure your content is easily readable. Using complex words will lose readers’ interest in the writing. Ensure that the sentences are not so long and kept short and precise.

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