Guidelines For Writing Literature Based Dissertations

literature based dissertation

A Literature Based Dissertation is basically whole information about a specific topic or subject. The literature dissertation includes analysis, research, description, summary, critical evaluation, and explanation of a specific issue, related concepts, and theory. 

According to the academic point of view literature based dissertation can be a survey for journals, a thesis, articles, or a book. Whereas, it is essential to consider that; a top-notch dissertation literature review mainly focuses on outlining the most basic academic source. The content is used for analyzing, researching, and interpreting them to specify the differences in opinions, themes, conclusions, and developments.  Moreover, The literature is reviewed and differentiated between old theories and new theories. So the literature dissertation can be written by viewing both the latest and old research and theories.

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Steps To Write A Literature Based Dissertation

Once you have gathered a good amount of references, you’ll need to gather them together in a way that tells you a complete story. Here is how you should write your dissertation’s literature review.

  • By Creating A Perfect Outline

If you are done with the research the next step is to make a perfect outline. Even if you do not have any outline, put the data relevantly and see how it makes sense. The vital thing is to keep the style and content simple and don’t stress out. There are many ways to organize your literature based dissertation review.

The most basic approach is making simple and thrilling topics. I will suggest this way as it is effective. For instance, Industrial psychology, the relationship of the industry with employees, problems faced by employees, and many more. Organizing by topic makes readability easy so anybody can understand the context by simply reading the topic.

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  • Write Authentic And Proper Paragraphs 

After exploring and organizing the content overall, the next important stuff is to put the data into paragraph structure. Because writing without breaks makes the content hard to understand. For readers’ ease, it is important to write and organize the data into paragraph format so it could make more sense to the reader. 

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  • Analyze Thoroughly 

Create meaningful literature based reviews from existing research but in your style. Think critically and use your abilities to present perfectly. Avoid mentioning what other researchers told or said. In Fact, distinguish the relationship between different theories, and research, and conclude by yourself and relate it to your specific topic.

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  • The Methodology Should Be Justifiable

The methodology you used must be precise and original. Your writing should justify each point and its relevance to the topic. Don’t go out of topic while writing and stay relevant to the topic. The method should include proper research, analysis, conclusions, hypothesis, and collection for proper paragraphing and structuring of the dissertation.

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Some Of The Top English Literature Dissertation Topics

Firstly, to write an effective English literature dissertation you have to choose a certain topic. Afterward, you have to research to make a perfect clear title for the dissertation.  There are several topics you can get on the internet including religion, philosophy, psychology, and other art forms.

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Following are some of the English literature dissertation topics that will help in your dissertation writing process.

  • Country and its Census
  • Population and Pollution 
  • War and Poverty
  • How Paradise Lost shaped the future of the novel.
  • The female voice: How girls became women in 17th-century fiction.
  • How and why Laurence Sterne exposed the artifacts of fiction.
  • Paradise Lost and the Fall from Grace: A closer look at the redemption poetry of the 17th century.
  • The first literary explorers: How discoveries shaped the literary imagination of the 17th century.
  • Love, loss, and the geographical imagination in the poetry of John Donne.
  • Stendhal and the onset of consumerism.
  • Visions of nature: Wordsworth and the 18th-Century poetical fiction.
  • Interiors and interiority in the 18th-century novel.
  • The origins of the novel.

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