How Bad Does a Dissertation Have to Be to Fail?

How Bad Does a Dissertation Have to Be to Fail

Writing a dissertation is one of the most essential tasks yet the most distressing. The dissertation itself brings so many hardships in it as writing, researching, analyzing, exploring, formatting and proofreading. It demands proper time and skill to make it to completion. However, distress comes in when one thinks about the results. Many students fear “What happens if you fail to defend your dissertation?” Will it be your end?

We have written the best available options for you i.e why I failed my dissertation or what will happen next? Read further to the end to clear your doubts and what happens if you fail your dissertation shield.

Do You Need To Know Why You Are Failing Dissertation?

It is a hard truth when you fail but accepting it is even harder. To state failure as optimistically ”Accepting it will help you decide what to do next”. You can look into the options you have left or you can read the rules before writing to avoid failure. There are always two options: you can either start over or think about better ways or cry over the failure. Always choose the first option. Following are some of the reasons why a student may fail a dissertation. Let’s talk about the possible reasons for a failed dissertation.

  • Inadequate Help From The Supervisor

One of the reasons for your failed dissertation can be insufficient help from your supervisor. Many professors do not manage to take time for the students as they are very busy. Therefore, students end up facing problems and look for someone to whom they can properly consult. This results in students lacking the necessary support which only a specialized professor can convey on a specific degree.

  • Incomplete Research Because of Students Busy Schedules 

Another reason is incomplete research. Research requires quite enough time. As students are really busy with their academic studies. Moreover, they also have to give time to family, work, and activities which makes it a difficult task for them to research in depth. As we know, the more the research the more the knowledge. Therefore, researching is very crucial and it demands proper time.

  • Plagiarism is A Crime

As we all know “Plagiarism is a crime”. It kills the originality of the dissertation and makes it unauthentic. Picking content from different websites and books is okay but if and only if you copy it for research, and further rewrite it by yourself. Using someone’s content as it is in your dissertation is an illegal act. Furthermore, keep this in mind that the most first thing which gets checked when students submit their dissertations to universities is “plagiarism”.

  • Fewer Sources And Laziness

Due to fewer sources and no access to the best online reading books, students lack so much knowledge. This moreover leads you to miss conceptions and incomplete information. Failure in dissertations can also be because of the laziness of students and casually dealing with it as simple work. There are many more reasons which we will be discussing below.

“I Failed My Dissertation”, What Happens If You Fail Your Dissertation?

Following are some of the possibilities you can check on or you can read the instructions before writing a dissertation. Also, it is always best to consult the supervisor or an online dissertation writers who is professional in their niche.

  • You Will Have To Resit A Dissertation

The cut mark is normally kept low so any student can pass it easily, but still if you fail due to some mishap you have a chance of reassessing. But there’s something you should know resit marks the second time is more than the first time and if you again fail it you will completely fail the degree.

So the better approach is to do it the first time as the marks are low and you will get free at once. But a poor dissertation will lead you to nothing but bad marks and no resits.

Try to focus on the originality of the dissertation and if you think you cannot do it, hire professional writers online who can help you with this.

  • Appeal For The Circumstances That Caused Your Failure

At times, mishaps happen and they cause trouble and failure. After all, there will be no student who wants to fail and repeat the class or exam after completing four years of struggle. Therefore, if you feel that you have genuine reasons why you failed, appeal to them.

There might be reasons like financial issues, or health or family mishaps. Moreover, all you have to do is write a letter about the reasons behind your failing dissertation and Appeal it respectfully.

After the submission of the letter, the university council will peek into the documents and applications with the attached evidence. 

Failing A Dissertation Means Calling Trouble  For Yourself

To be logical and honest, failing a dissertation is a rare case. It’s not a one-day test or research work, instead, it takes months and months or even a year to get complete. Therefore, a student can identify the mistakes before submitting them after reading them hundreds of times, checking the format and style, proofreading, and many more crucial things. Technically speaking, a smart approach is to consult someone side by side to make your dissertation secure and error-free. Moreover, you can also discuss it with the supervisor to make it perfect.

However, some students may still fail because of different reasons. One of the reasons is forgetting to attempt the sections in the final paper. If, for example, the abstract or research methodology is, missing, then there might be a chance of failing.

A poor layout i.e format style or arrangement of the data may also cost you a lot. If you do not focus on the presentation of the dissertation, you may leave a bad impression and your paper will be marked down. For example, writing the conclusion before the results and findings.
Everything has an order and maintaining order is important. 

How To Improve A Bad Dissertation

Are you ready to know the tips to avoid failing your dissertation? Here are some of the best tips for an outstanding dissertation paper:

  • Proofread Your Paper Before Submission 

Proofread your dissertation as many times as you can. It will help you figure out errors, incomplete sentences, and grammar. You must ensure that each section is complete and no part is missing. An incomplete Dissertation is a bad dissertation example.

  • Run Your Paper Through Premium Plagiarism Software 

If your dissertation is 100% authentic and genuine, you can submit it confidently and peacefully. Moreover, to prevent forfeiture for plagiarism, you should also check your citations.

  • Consult With Your Supervisor Every Time

Don’t forget to consult your supervisor. When you complete a specific section, check for its authenticity and ask the supervisor to give it a look so you can continue writing or you rewrite the already written data. Don’t leave the query or problem for later days but ask them side by side to save time and to feel stress-free.

  • Research Thoroughly

Research demands to be in-depth and the dissertation’s purpose is to look at how much we are good at research.  You can achieve the best knowledge by researching vastly. Reading more and more books helps you clear the answers to the questions for writing genuine content on the dissertation.

  • Seek Writing Help From Dissertation Experts

There are professional writers online who help you write the best dissertations with a hundred percent guarantee of not having plagiarism. So why not share your burden with the writers online?

Do not let your dissertation fail. Read out all the information to get a proper understanding of the Dissertation before writing.  Note down the basics when writing a dissertation.

Factors To Keep In Mind To Avoid A Failed Dissertation

I think my dissertation will not make it to the final, what can I do to not let myself fail? This is one of the most common questions students ask. There are many factors that you can keep in mind to avoid a failed dissertation. Following are some of the most important factors to keep in mind to avoid a failed dissertation:

  • Effective Use Of Critical Thinking Skills 

Make effective use of critical thinking skills, i.e; thorough research. In most cases due to a lack of critical thinking and analysis, dissertations fail. Being generally taunting or criticizing other writers or scholars’ work will not benefit you. Instead, strengthen your hand in critical thinking and analysis which will make your dissertation from zero to 90% quality vice. You need to come up with original quality content. Moreover, you can use your research to bring something new to light.

  • No Irrelevancy In The Paper

Make sure your content in the dissertation is relevant and related to the topic and not irrelevant. Irrelevant texts and paragraphs will most likely cause you to fail. Don’t forget that your paper must be coherent in its wholeness. Keep in mind that relevancy in just some paragraphs will not do you a favor. Because no dissertation is a joke and is checked thoroughly.

  • Enhance The Presentation 

Be creative about the presentation of your dissertation. Presentation improves the readability of the dissertation. So try making the dissertation as good as you can. A poor presentation will distract the reader and it will give the supervisor a reason to fail you for your poor presentation. The presentation involves sentence, paragraph formation, style, and structure respectively.

You can also hire an expert proofreader to do it for you. Make sure it is completely perfect!

  • Edit And Re-edit The Changes You Have Asked To 

Edit and improve the content of the dissertation as per asked by the supervisor after the oral test. Although you won’t fail the oral examination, you will no doubt fail if you don’t make the demanded changes that have been asked to. Also no, the changes must not be superficial either.

  • Make Sure To Add Authentic Publishable Work

Firstly, Don’t aim so high about the dissertation as your purpose is just to provide the most authentic research. Thus, make sure that your dissertation must have at least 4 pieces of publishable work. However, make sure that these pieces get published in a very good scholarly journal.

  • Focus On The Purpose Of The Dissertation

Don’t lose your focus. The mere purpose of the dissertation is search and search, i.e; “research” Your research will probably help you to maintain the expectations of the supervisor from the students. You have to show that you can achieve the best in this career.

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