How Do You Frame A Dissertation Title?

How Do You Frame A Dissertation Title?

A dissertation title plays an important role in making the reader decide whether to read your dissertation or skip it. Though it seems to be a quite simple task, I mean how difficult would it be to write a single sentence? But it is a perplexing exercise because your dissertation title summarizes your entire research on the specific area of study. That is why it is important for your dissertation title to be relevant, self-explanatory, and eye-catchy (grabbing readers’ attention). 

Choosing an appropriate dissertation title sometimes leaves researchers with mental blocks. Because with numerous dissertations flooding at the tap of a button, readers only click on dissertation titles that look good and are grammatically correct. But How to Come Up With A Dissertation Title? This question leaves many astray. 

But not anymore. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to write a dissertation title that should be powerful enough to induce interest in the readers’ minds. We will give you a step-by-step guide from scratch and will make you a pro at writing masters dissertation help titles.

What Is A Dissertation?

In your academic career there comes a point where you will have to write a dissertation and writing a dissertation is no child’s play. It is the most crucial part of your degree and requires proper knowledge and attention for completion. Dissertations grant you the opportunity to prove that you have gained a deep understanding and proper grip on your area of study. That is why they must be written by setting research objectives, adopting the right research methodology, and analyzing the data thoroughly. 

According to Wikipedia, a dissertation is a document that is submitted in the support of an academic degree presenting the author’s research and findings. A dissertation is also defined as a long piece of writing on a particular area of study, in order to receive some degree. You can also put dissertations as some kind of treatise delivering a new point of view through adequate research.

Importance of Good Dissertation Titles

The dissertation title is important as it highlights the purpose and context of your research and tells the readers what your dissertation is about. Having a clear and well-written dissertation title can help you to focus on relevant data enhancing your research ability. Good dissertation titles help you to remain focused on the objectives of your research.

The following pointers can be helpful for you in creating good dissertation titles. For a well-written dissertation title, think about the things that the readers expect to find in your dissertation. For example,

  • Area of Interest
  • Chosen Methodology
  • Variables Your Are Working With
  • Research Outcomes
  • Location / Setting

A perfectly written dissertation title helps to create a good first impression and make the readers curious about your work. That is why it must be grammatically correct and compiled with attractive words to help you in your purpose.

Characteristics of Good Dissertation Titles

A well-research dissertation title has the following characteristics:

  • It is completely relevant to the specific scope of study
  • It avoids abbreviations and jargon
  • Makes use of attractive words to create a positive impression
  • Identifies both dependent and independent key variables
  • Reveals how the paper will be organized
  • Limited to 10 to 15 substantive words
  • Does not include words like “analysis of”, “study of”, etc
  • Usually in the form of a phrase, sometimes pose as a question
  • Grammatically proofread and well-structured
  • The first and the last words of all the nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs are capitalized
  • Avoids exclamation mark

If your dissertation title possesses all the above-mentioned characteristics then it will be considered good and will attract the readers’ attention.

How To Write A Dissertation Title?

If you do not know how to write a dissertation title. Then follow the below-mentioned tips to write an outclass title for your dissertation.

Select An Initial Title

The first and foremost thing to do during your research is to choose a title. Of course, this initial title at an early stage of your research will not be complete but it will help you to focus on your goals and objectives. Afterward, when your research process propagates you can then modify your title following all the rules and techniques.

Keep It Simple

While writing a dissertation it should be your prime focus to keep the title of the dissertation as simple as possible. You should choose a title that clearly conveys two core things

  1. Purpose of your research
  2. Adopted research methodology

Keep in mind that your dissertation title must be easy to read and understand. Avoid using words that are difficult to understand. Because the readers will only like what they understand and if your title is hard to read they will just skip it.

Keep It Brief

Give serious thought to the use of words and avoid complicated phrases. Only make use of the words and phrases that are related to the content body. Be careful in maintaining an appropriate length and keep the title of your dissertation brief. Experts suggest that a title of length from 10 to 18 words is considered good. Too long or too short are not preferred.

Limit Your Scope

Summarizing your whole research into a single sentence is not easy. You need to think judiciously before proceeding to create a dissertation title. Most importantly, you need to limit the scope of your research and reflect the same idea in your title.

Proper Use of Subtitles

The proper use of subtitles is appreciated and adds value to your dissertation title in terms of target location, scope, context, reference, or method.

Avoid Abbreviations And Jargons

Sometimes a researcher gets carried away and hence uses Jargon in the dissertation title. This makes the title difficult to read and understand which is not good. You should avoid using abbreviations and Jargon and keep the title of the dissertation as simple as possible.

Use Alluring Words

The main focus of the dissertation title should be to attract the readers’ attention and intimidate them into looking at your dissertation. For this purpose, you will have to use words that are interesting and attractive to the reader.

Go With The Trend

While writing the title of the dissertation, be careful to follow the trend. In other words, make use of the terms that are currently trending. It will create a positive impact on the readers and will make them curious about your content. If you are using outdated terms it will snap the readers’ attention and they will not attempt to look at your work.

The Title Should Be Grammatically Correct

It is a necessity that the title of your dissertation should be grammatically correct. Because even a small grammatical mistake can create a big impact. That is why it would be wise to double-check the grammar of your dissertation title.

How To Come Up With A Dissertation Title!

In the real world, a book is always judged by its cover. How many times have you decided to read a book just by looking at its appealing cover? No matter how interesting the story will be, you will shun a book just because its cover does not look interesting.

The same goes for your dissertation title. It should be able to grab attention and it will happen only if the title is well-written. People will only attempt to read your dissertation if they find its title interesting. But how can you make the title of your dissertation more interesting and meaningful?

Your Title Must Be Focused On Your Area Of Study

The title of your dissertation must be written in a way that depicts what exactly you are working on. It should be able to communicate the exact area of your research. In other words, the dissertation title must be a summary of your whole dissertation. 

Secondly, your dissertation title must provide the utmost clarity whenever it is read. It is because the titles with ambiguous words confuse the readers and if you want the readers to read your dissertation and love it. You will have to write a clear, concise, and meaningful title for your dissertation.

It Should Be Relevant

The title is the essence of the dissertation which means that it must be written completely relevant to your research. What is your title and does the content of your dissertation cover every single word of the title? If Yes, then both your dissertation and the title are well-related. If No, then you will have to modify the title making it more relevant to the dissertation.

Title Must Not Be Too Broad, Or Too Narrow

While crafting a perfect dissertation title, you must be careful about two things.

  1. The title of the dissertation must not be too long i.e exceeding 20 words.
  2. The title of the dissertation must not be too short i.e less than 5 words.

Because if the title is too long, it will not create a positive impact on the readers. Also, if it is too short it will not be able to completely deliver the meaning. That is why the experts suggest that the title length must be between 10 to 20 words i.e not too long, not too short.

Examples Of Dissertation Titles That Are Perfect

Some of the examples of dissertation titles that are perfect:

  • Globalization and Nationalism: Is globalization a threat to a nation-state and to the movement of nationalism?
  • Managing uncertainty: When does principle have a place?
  • What motivates suicide terrorism?
  • The evaluation of the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance program.
  • Preventive diplomacy and peacekeeping: Keys for success.
  • An investigation of the Military Training Instructor Development of the ARTD model.
  • An assessment of service quality and service delivery in the hospitality industry.
  • Corporate governance and the effectiveness of the family firm.
  • Demand-oriented innovation strategy in the European energy production sector.
  • Intrapreneurial Behavior of Pharmacists in Community pharmacy service of UAE.
  • The effect of the global recession on the real estate market in Dubai.
  • The impact of competition law on the performance of telecom companies in the EU.
  • The Role and Importance of International Commercial Arbitration.
  • To what extent flexibility is provided for insurance regulation in the European Union and the United States?
  • Reform of the Corporate Opportunity doctrine in English law.
  • The Reform of Directors’ Duties under the Companies Act 2006.
  • Impossibility of performance of a contract in English law analytic study and argument.
  • Impact of exchange rate variation of firm value in the Chinese A-Shares market.
  • The Effect of Interest rates on Islamic and conventional bond prices.
  • An Exploratory Study: Internet banking in the UK.
  • Are active equity fund institutional investors really closet index trackers?
  • Dividend payment policies in different countries and industries.


Writing a good dissertation title is not a joke that a student can come up with. It requires a lot of research, good writing skills, and proper knowledge of the current trends to craft a good dissertation title. However, if you do not know how to write a dissertation title, the smart choice is to take help from the experts. Premium Dissertation Help is providing assistance in writing dissertations to students all over the world. We have been in this business for over a decade and have helped thousands of students in achieving their goals.

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