How Do You Write a Good Masters Dissertation?

how long is a masters dissertation

There are many factors involved in writing a good masters dissertation. To get to know the most authentic information about “how do you write a good masters dissertation?”, read this article.

1. Understand Your Dissertation Topic

The first step is to completely understand the topic of your dissertation. Because thorough research is important for writing a dissertation. At first writing, a dissertation feels like a very hectic piece of work that blows your mind. But as we get to know the rules and techniques of writing a dissertation it becomes easy.

It is always preferable to understand the topic in depth so that you know clearly what and how to continue the dissertation. 

Research your topic as much as you can and get a clear picture of your masters dissertation. Not only will it help you write the dissertation better but it will also help you understand its main concept. Remember that the main aim of writing a dissertation is research. So you should get your hands on research first. Understanding the topic will make you think about more and more factors your dissertation should have.

Tip: While researching, search for different terms and writing styles best for academic purposes. You will get to know a lot of new terms and writing styles and the formation of the paragraphs.

2. Structure Your Dissertation 

Writing a thesis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and there is no certain way to structure it. Instead, it is on you how you perfectly give it a style and structure. It is better to consult the structure of your dissertation with the supervisor so you avoid failure in the dissertation. Try to look at different dissertations of old graduates and have an idea about it. 

The dissertation should be unique and chapters must be included in it. The chapters you carry merely depend on the research you do.

The dissertation will be organized in the following way:

  • Section
  • Description
  • Title page
  • Opening Page: This page includes all relevant information about the thesis.
  • Abstract
  • Thesis summary including background, methodology, and findings.
  • Content/Data
  • Chapters of your project

3. Write An Authentic Literature Review

You can start writing your masters dissertation with a literature review. Writing a literature review involves researching and evaluating already existing academic literature to identify some major aspects of your research.

Many students are suggested to write the literature review chapter first. Because this is the point where many theories and concepts are shared. This section aids you to set the foundation of your dissertation. A literature review is basically the foundation of your research. The literature review conveys the summary of already existing research which is unique in its own way.

4. Research Is The Heart Of The Dissertation

Most importantly, your research is the soul and heart of your masters dissertation. More the research, the more knowledge, and authenticity will be seen in your masters dissertation. So it is always recommended to focus on the research more and then decide to write.

The research may come into qualitative data and quantitative data. Whatever you see on the internet is not true and not every piece of information shared is authentic so always go for authentic sources to get information.

  • Methodology Chapter

In the methodological chapter, you have to write about methodological approaches e.g: quantitative, qualitative, and other methods. The research is carried out by using different techniques to gather the best data.

Data collection strategies include surveys, interviews, content analyses, discourse analysis, questionnaires, and many more.

  • Findings Chapters & Data Analysis  

The data analysis is objective, detailed and specific. It is always better to write the findings and data efficiently so the readability does not get hard. For example, writing the numeric values in a tabular format will look better than just randomly writing them. Which format do you think will be easy to understand the increase and decrease in the numeric values? Obviously the tabular one. This is how you arrange your chapter’s information using a better methodology to convey it in a presentable manner. Moreover, this will also help to understand the analysis more deeply. 

The data analysis will require proper research, in-depth evaluation, hypothesis, and conclusions. Think of how you can organize your data into categories/chapters. 

Tip: Better write notes on how to use phrases for  specific parts of your research. This will aid in bringing the most perfect version of your writing.  

5. Discuss And Evaluate

Once you’ve found the authentic data now it’s time to evaluate the research.

Don’t confuse the discussion section and findings section. So it is better to differentiate between each section to avoid misconception and incompleteness. We recommend the easiest way and that is to simply present the data, and your discussion tells the storyline of the data.

The purpose of the evaluation is to convey the story and explain the key findings, and what did go well and what didn’t.

Tip: Don’t be afraid of writing your perception and write objectively.

6. Write Your Introduction At The End

Your introduction is an important aspect of your masters dissertation. You might be thinking why we are discussing the introduction part at the end  and that is because many students prefer writing it at the end of the dissertation. 

Here’s what your introduction chapter should consist of:

  • Background
  • Problem statement
  • Research questions
  • Importance of your research

Writing an introduction at the end will be really helpful so that you can view your research and get an actual idea of your masters dissertation.

7. Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism

As we all know now, plagiarism is strictly prohibited as it is illegal. After submitting a masters dissertation the first thing which is checked is “Plagiarism”. If Plagiarism is detected in the dissertation, you may fail the dissertation. 

Occasionally, students forget about this major factor and unintentionally plagiarize content. Students copy and paste from journal and book articles and don’t rephrase them and simply see the text as it is which is unauthentic. Whenever you are writing a dissertation make sure that you are not copying someone’s content instead use it more productively. You can rephrase it or use synonyms in exchange for already-used words. Make sure the content you write in your dissertation is original.

8. Masters Dissertation Word Count

Irrespective of the nature of the thesis, i.e; research project or scope, the honest opinion is to start writing your thesis or some sections as soon as possible. It is a very smart approach because a master’s dissertation is not as easy as it sounds. It’s a very hectic and lengthy piece of work. The masters dissertation word count is a huge number and not just 3000 or 4000 words. Academic writing is all about practice. Start writing so you can get prepared from the beginning to write a lengthy masters dissertation. The early you start the more you will get to know about how to manage the masters dissertation word count.

Start making an overview to make writing easy for yourself. This is the best way to maintain your dissertation and to make it creative and full of ideas. Make sure you add valuable information to not compromise on the quality. As we all know, the first draft is never the perfect one. It demands more information and not just information but genuine and authentic information. Give your dissertation full-fledged time to proofread and enhance and improve your dissertation. 

To stay motivated and to learn how to write, starting writing early is the best option so far. When you have more time to think you can easily think of many things. And it’s a fact that thinking and writing are very interlinked. So write and get new ideas from your mind and use those amazing ideas for the right purposes.

What Kind Of Format Should Your Dissertation Have?

Different universities have different guidelines on how to write a thesis but some rules are common and are important to follow. Try to follow all the rules while writing a masters dissertation to avoid getting penalized.

Must read your university’s instructions related to the dissertation before starting writing so you don’t have to waste time changing the text or format later on. However, these are some general rules as follows:

  • Use 1.5-2 line spacing, 
  • Use Font size 12 for text, 
  • Print your thesis on A4 paper. 

There are many more rules which you need to follow as per the supervisor guidelines. It is always better to start something with complete information rather than redoing it again.

Don’t waste your time and start writing the dissertation as soon as you are provided with instructions. Because the dissertation struggle varies from student to student. There are different students who have different speeds, styles, and understanding abilities. Some have to face more challenges than others. That is why students have been given enough time to write a masters dissertation. Though writing dissertation in a month is not an easy job. You have months for this purpose to do it completely. So worry not and have proper research and understanding about your topic and start writing.

How Long Is A Masters Dissertation & How to Maintain Your Writing Style?

The dissertation is not as short as you have thought of it. Many students ask “How long is a masters dissertation?” So here is an answer for you! A masters dissertation is of a very long word count. It can be 10000 to 12000 words or even more. It depends on the guidelines of the institute. That is why try to finish your dissertation as early as you can so that you have proper time to recheck it and send it to the supervisor for additional revision. The revisions will help you eradicate mistakes from it. You will get enough time to repeat the proofreading process and make the corrections.

Check and read academic articles, dissertations, and books on the internet to get a better understanding of masters dissertation. This will help you learn about academic writing style and many other factors.

How Many Words Is A Masters Dissertation? 

Many students are concerned about “How Many Words Is A Masters Dissertation?” To be clear on the length of the dissertation, it is quite long and not a task of 2 weeks. The length of dissertation takes months to complete. 

However, the guidelines will have the due date when to submit the dissertation. So start it sooner and end it before a week of submission so you have time to recheck it twice or thrice. Also, stay in touch with your supervisor so he can guide you till the end to make changes if needed. Don’t get distracted and be on track while the dissertation is not submitted, check it twice or thrice before the last date. 

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