How Long is a Dissertation? Step by Step Instructions

How long is a dissertation?

There are a variety of factors that can influence how long a dissertation takes to write. The proposal phase typically comprises about fifteen to twenty-five pages, and it is the most difficult part of the dissertation to evaluate. This stage involves refining the topic and approach to your research. It can be challenging to use the academic voice, but learning it will make the writing process easier. In addition, you can use this guide to help you understand how to format your work. If you want to buy dissertation, premium dissertation help is providing quality dissertation services around the globe.

What should be the length of your dissertation?

The first step in completing your dissertation is deciding on the length. Often, a PhD dissertation will be around 200 pages. A dissertation with less than 100 pages is considered a Master’s thesis, while a Ph.D. dissertation can take longer than half that length. Depending on your school, department, and committee, the length of your paper will vary. Your professor will also have strict requirements for the dissertation.

How to address dissertation?

Another important aspect of the length of your dissertation is how thoroughly you address committee comments. If your dissertation requires multiple drafts, your chair may give you guidance. The committee will review your paper a few times and may find a number of new issues as they read through it. If you cannot fully address the comments made by the committee, it might take even longer. This can also increase the length of your paper.

Choosing The Right Advisor

Choosing the right advisor is crucial in a dissertation. Your adviser should be supportive and encouraging, but should not be a hindrance. It is not a short race. Your adviser should also be supportive. Remember, a dissertation is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep in mind that you’re writing a dissertation, not a sprint. And always remember, it’s not a race!. For the right advisor you can always choose premium dissertation help.

Important factors which should be considered while writing your dissertation 

The length of a dissertation depends on the type of research you have conducted. It is the product of quantitative research, which can be qualitative or quantitative. Its length varies, but in general, the dissertations are shorter when quantitative research is used. However, there are other factors that play a big role in determining the length of a dissertation. A well-written abstract is a key part of a dissertation, and it should be concise enough to be read easily.


Dissertation Components

In the methodology section, a researcher needs to define the purpose of the study. A good dissertation includes a summary of the study and any recommendations that might arise from it. This should be clearly stated. An important element of the methodology section should include an explanation of the project’s timeline. You can use a project management software such as Microsoft Project to create a high-level schedule. Lastly, the chapter should include a brief report of findings and conclusions.

What is the average length of dissertation?

Depending on the discipline you’re in, an average dissertation literature review will take around five to ten hours. It can take more or less, depending on the subject matter. Generally, the amount of literature needed to complete a dissertation varies greatly from one discipline to another. In a thesis related to chemistry, for example, the topic may require a small amount of reading, while a research topic that is more broad and varied will require a greater number of resources.

While the length of a dissertation is a subjective issue, most institutions have guidelines that must be followed. The average dissertation is between 100 and two hundred pages, including the bibliography and references. It should also contain enough information to answer all the questions asked in the literature review. The methodology chapter should flow naturally from the literature review chapter. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the methodology chapter contains a minimum of two sentences per page.


A dissertation’s length can range from several pages to several hundred. The typical length of a dissertation is dependent on the author’s dedication and outside interests. Whether you need the entire dissertation to be one hundred and twenty pages or three thousand, it will depend on the length of your thesis. You’ll need to decide how long you want to spend writing your thesis. There are many factors to consider, and there’s no one set answer to this question.



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An undergrad exposition will as a rule be 5000 words long or 18 pages. For some understudies, this won’t just be the longest piece of composing they have done at college, however the longest piece of composing they will do in their lives.

Dissertations are commonly extremely lengthy, top to bottom works. Numerous dissertations are somewhere in the range of 100 to 200 pages long or approximately 45000 words. In order to comprehensively investigate a specific issue or problem in education.

The conclusion of a dissertation is usually around 900 to 1000 words. Depending on the type of dissertation, it can be around 5-7% of the overall word count.