Is It Possible To Finish A Dissertation in A Week?

Is It Possible To Finish A Dissertation in A Week?

Many students ask this question quite often “Is it possible to finish a dissertation in a week?” Yes, but it is not really highly recommended and not going to apply to everyone. It is better to do the dissertation early so you can focus and improve on your research. But if for some reason you couldn’t manage to write it early it is totally fine. Firstly, don’t panic, and secondly, strengthen your ability to read and write efficiently and smartly so you can complete your dissertation in a week. There are many examples of students who did their dissertations in a week and succeeded. 

For a perfect dissertation, you need smart organization, motivation, and proper planning. So if you opt for all of these tips you can finish your dissertation in a week.  

There’s a disclaimer for all of you. Writing a dissertation in a week isn’t for everyone. This option is only for those who have some major reason and who know they can do it in less time. But some students are slow and they need proper time to complete it and that is good too. They plan and divide the work accordingly. But for those who have less time left, if you plan it and dedicate all your time to the dissertation, you can still achieve the goal in a week.

We can help you write a dissertation in a week. Read the article below to get to know effective ways to write your dissertation smartly and effectively.

Doing Dissertation In A Week Comes With Great Responsibility

Doing dissertation in a week vs a month comes with great responsibility. If we state facts, a month is a full-fledged time to complete the task whereas, the week is just seven days but so what? If you plan it smartly and utilize the seven days properly you can do the dissertation in a week and there’s no doubt it. First, you have to understand the parts of the dissertation and the things you have to do for the perfect dissertation. Research and research and research until you feel like the information is not complete. Once you think the information is complete, start analyzing the information and then organize and arrange the content. 

Create an introduction, chapters, summary, conclusion, appendix, and everything which is required according to the university guideline. Don’t forget to follow the university’s guideline, which includes word count, structure, and other important factors.  

The dissertation varies from field to field therefore, checking guidelines is the first and most important step. The next step is to seek your supervisor even if you have started late. Ask your supervisor different questions to clear your mind regarding different queries so you can write amazingly. Moreover, you can also consult him about the structure or methodology you want to use. As supervisors are experienced they can help you with effective methods so the students can achieve good grades and pass the university.

The following steps will help you write a dissertation in a week. It is always a smart approach to seek authentic books, websites, encyclopedias, supervisors, and mentors to gain genuine knowledge and write a perfect dissertation.

Steps For Writing Dissertation In A Week 

If you want to make it to good grades and not miss this chance of submitting a dissertation this year. Gear up and start planning to write before it’s too late. You can still make it to success as seven days are quite enough to achieve something. Keep in mind you have to use efficient and effective methods. Following are the steps for writing dissertation in a week. 

1. Look Into Your Coursework And Use Authentic Sources As Well

At your stage, it is smart work which is needed and not hard work. Therefore don’t waste your time thinking instead just start recalling all the coursework you have done till now and start searching for valid information. A dissertation is all about authentic research skills. Obviously, you have to write a dissertation relevant to your degree and you have already studied the subjects which were and are related to your degree. So gather the books or names of publishers you have read already at the beginning or mid of the university degree. This will help you a lot because finding authentic information and then changing it to avoid plagiarism is a whole different technique.  So it will be a smart step as you will be knowing that book already.

Moreover, take help from online ebooks, encyclopedias and journals for the glossary and more and more knowledge. Remember, research is the heart of a dissertation. The marker will first check if there’s plagiarism or not so prepare yourself to write on your own using different sources to gain knowledge. Knowledge is the key. 

NOTE: Use the perfect methodology to generate efficient and effective results. Doing a dissertation in a week is less time but that doesn’t mean you will compromise on the quality. So focus on the quality as well. Just don’t forget the marks will be based on research skills and rules you have followed or not. 

2. Keep The Deadline in Mind And Set Suitable Goals

Don’t forget there is so much to keep in mind. So focus on the deadlines and make suitable goals to pursue the final results of the dissertation. After the research make sure to analyze and organize the content you have collected.

As we all know research takes maximum time so work smartly and overview how and what to do next and avoid wasting a single minute.  Divide the time and work so you can utilize your time efficiently to complete your dissertation before the deadline.

As you can see dissertation has many sections which need proper time and focus. Don’t fall into some trap by thinking you can do it without following the order. Maintain the order and give each section proper understanding and time.

  • Catchy Title page
  • Acknowledgement page
  • Summary
  • Table of contents(Factual Page)
  • The core chapters 
  • Chapter 1 (Introduction)
  • Chapter 2 (Literature review)
  • Chapter 3 (Methodology)
  • Chapter 4 (Results)
  • Chapter 5 (Discussion)
  • Chapter 6 (Conclusion)
  • Reference list

NOTE: Focus on each section of a dissertation. Remember to give each section the proper time to complete the dissertation before the deadline.

3. Essence Of The Research

As we have discussed above the structure of the dissertation, each section has its own style and requirements. When you plan to write a literature review, ensure it is authentic and original. And it’s not just about the literature review that should be authentic but each word in the dissertation must be original and not copied from any source. Originality is the essence of the dissertation. If the research you did is perfect but you don’t know how to handle it while writing, the essence of the research will be diminished. So take things side by side and maintain the beauty of the dissertation by not compromising on authenticity and presentation.

After you have started writing, you should visit your supervisor so the mistakes can be highlighted before the deadline. So you can make changes quickly and achieve a perfect end result for the dissertation. The dissertation is basically your research and that is why “what you have researched is needed from your own perspective and not others”. You are the writer of your dissertation. Write like it’s your own publication and will be read by hundreds of students to gain information. So be authentic and relevant.

Make sure your dissertation is genuine and to the point. The supervisor checks for plagiarism at the most first step of marking and the student gets a negative marking if they found plagiarism. So avoid copying and pasting.

NOTE: Don’t copy or paste a single sentence. Write on your own using your research. You can make it before the deadline. Keep yourself motivated.

4. Write, Proofread And Maintain The Structure

Okay the research is done, the analysis is done, and we have discussed the structure above to keep you informed about the time it will take. But what else you have to do is write and write. You know the overview now of what to write. Write accordingly staying relevant to the title and the main course of the dissertation. You will have to write lengthy literature reviews and short summaries and introductions. For the length of the dissertation, you have to check on the dissertation guidelines which are given to you by the university. The length requirement varies from university to university. Don’t over exceed the content length where it is not needed. For instance, the summary and introduction must not be written over lengthy i.e, not more than a page and the literature review is lengthy. Know the rules and then apply them.

Moreover, maintain the structure of the dissertation. Every document has an order whether it is an application or a dissertation. If you write a summary at the end and an introduction in the middle, will the dissertation make sense? No! Therefore, check the dissertation structure side by side.

NOTE:  Stay relevant, and original and try not to make your dissertation a mess by not following the structure and rules instructed by the university’s guidelines. 

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To conclude you can write a dissertation in a week but it just needs more of your focus and planning. Hire a writer now and get your dissertation done.


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