What Should You Ask Your Dissertation Supervisor?

What Should You Ask Your Dissertation Supervisor?

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task as we all know. A dissertation demands proper research, consultation, analysis, thorough critical thinking, and a lot of time for all of the steps to get an A-plus grade. You cannot write a dissertation without consulting your supervisor. Because a supervisor is a professional who has command in his specific field and who can guide you to perform better in the dissertation.

You might be wondering “What Should You Ask Your Dissertation Supervisor?” There are different stages when you should see your supervisor. If your supervisor can give you the time you can reach out to him anytime.  Here are some most important discussions which need to be done. Firstly before starting the dissertation consult the idea properly with the supervisor. Share your ideas and point of view with the supervisor and take his constructive criticism and guidelines. Secondly, consult in the middle of the dissertation so you can ask for the format you are writing on to avoid redoing the dissertation again. 

Read this article to learn more about the advantage of asking supervisor questions and knowing what to do and what to avoid.

Questions To Ask Dissertation Supervisor

Following are the questions to ask dissertation supervisor:

  1. About research design
  2. About research method
  3. About your Sampling Strategy
  4. Whether your research strategy is compelling or not
  5. Meeting university ethical dissertation guidelines
  6. Measurement procedures
  7. Marking of dissertation

Is My Research Design  Appealing?

Firstly, many students don’t know how important research design is. Anything which is not presentable does not catch the reader’s attention. Therefore, the dissertation needs to be organized beautifully and it begins with the research design. As we all know, everything has an order. Without order, it becomes difficult to execute something. For instance, the order of writing a research article will include an introduction of the topic, background, history, summary, hypothesis, conclusion and many more. You will not just run and write a conclusion first and an introduction at the end. So it is important to understand the criteria for writing a dissertation. Research design is not so difficult. Consult your supervisor about the design you want or get some ideas to create a unique dissertation.

The supervisor is the one who can guide you in the best possible ways for research design. 

What Do You Think About My Research Method? Is It Effective?

While writing choose the effective method so you don’t have to be in trouble later. Many students ask this question and here is an answer to those. The first, effective way is to turn to your teacher, he can guide you like no other person on this planet as he has specialized in his niche. This way you won’t be struggling to redo your dissertation, so do questions you want to ask before writing the dissertation. Another way is to choose the writing methods. For instance, many students create an outline before starting the dissertation which helps them stay relevant and know the next step they may write on.

Meanwhile, Supervisor knows more methods, he’s a supervisor for a purpose! Ask as many questions from the supervisor as to be informed about everything so you can do competently perfect in your dissertation.

How Do We Do Sampling Strategy?

The sampling strategy has different methods but a smart student will opt for the one which produces more results. The strategy includes quantitative research and this type of research needs proper attention and authentication so you may not fall into a tough situation for writing false information. Pick your supervisor’s brain and do wonders in your dissertation. Supervisors can help you with the most efficient and effective writing ways to not get yourself in trouble.

Do purposeful sampling to get the most out of your research in the dissertation. Online surveys and physical surveys play a wonderful role in research. The quantitative data must be authentic and original. Make sure you don’t present your supervisor with false numerics or quantitative research.


Figure out your research design, research methods, and sampling strategy so you can consult your supervisor and the supervisor can suggest the following. The supervisor will guide you on which way will lead you to success and which will make you lose the dissertation.  Don’t make the mistake of a supervisor meeting too late and not in the beginning. It is important to keep in touch with the dissertation supervisor to make sure of success.

Ask Supervisor About The Dissertation Ethical Guidelines To Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes

Before writing, get the guideline and deadline date to avoid unnecessary stress and mistakes which come with the pressure of a dissertation. Always start something when you have understood the proper assignment unless you waste your time redoing the work.  So it is better to ask the supervisor about the dissertation’s ethical guidelines first then create an outline of how you can do it and how not. You can consult your ideas with the supervisor for better guidance and great ideas. Don’t hurry or rush in. Writing a dissertation demands a fresh and productive mind to do critical thinking, analysis, and create perspective.

To reduce unnecessary mistakes keep yourself informed of guidelines!

You Can Ask The Supervisor To Look Upon The Measurement Procedure

Indeed, you will not have so much time to discuss even a single paragraph or a whole page but it will be a treat if you ask your supervisor to look at the measurement procedure for your dissertation.

The measurement procedure is consisting of the readability of the dissertation as:

  • No Duplication 
  • Generalization as:
  • Reliable
  • Changes to avoid plagiarism
  • Extension,

Therefore, for the validity of the measurement procedure ask your supervisor to look at the changes that need to be made. The dissertation must not include plagiarism and it should be easily readable to readers. The Supervisor offers advice on the length and the word count of the dissertation, its structure, and its formation.

Defend And Consult The Choices That You Have Made With Dissertation Supervision Authority

While researching the dissertation you may make several choices and to be certain about them you need to defend your choices. Authentic knowledge is the key to a dissertation. Defend the choices with facts and logical knowledge. On the other hand, there might be a chance that the research you have done is a little unclear and is still a mystery. So for this purpose, supervisors can guide you at their best.

If your supervisor suggests a strong point, listen to it carefully! Supervisors are the ones experienced in their specific field and know immense knowledge. Write the notes, constructive criticism, and methods to generate a perfect dissertation. Sometimes we just see one perspective to some point but professional is professional. Supervisors discuss that particular point from different perspectives and ideas. That’s a turnover for your dissertation. So don’t miss out on the chance of a supervisor meeting early and time by time.

Don’t Forget To Engage Your Supervisor Early

Many students forget to engage with the supervisor and think that quickly getting over with a dissertation would be smart. But it is not a smart approach at all.  It can cost you so bad. Because if you have mistakes in your dissertation, you will have to rewrite the whole dissertation again. A dissertation is not just a task of days, instead, it is a task to complete in months for a purpose. Writing a dissertation is an easy job only until you keep on consulting the supervisor and gain knowledge of writing techniques and methods. Engage with your supervisor early before it gets too late.

Meanwhile, it’s your job to meet the supervisor yourself and not the supervisor’s duty to call you or remind you of the meetings. So better be attentive and productive about your dissertation. Keep on going to the supervisor more often and also don’t start writing anything without proper discussion. It is helpful for you to be in sync with the supervisor’s ideas about the methodology of your project. Take the supervisor’s criticism as constructive criticism.

Do Students & Supervisor Meeting More Often To Avoid Mistakes

Nothing is sadder than knowing that your 4000 words are not delivering the right purpose so you have to rewrite the dissertation. This is why it is preferred to meet your supervisor frequently. What they can guide you nobody else can. They have an experienced hand in this niche. Keep in touch with your dissertation supervisor and inform them of all the ideas and methods you want to acquire. The supervisor helps you improvise the idea in a better way.

On the other hand, if you fail to understand and are stuck in between, don’t keep on writing. Instead, meet your supervisor the next day and keep your head easy. Writing a dissertation needs a clear relaxed head so you write making sense and with clarity.

Most importantly, never think that you should seek your supervisor once the dissertation is done. It would be the biggest mistake of your life. It is better to stitch the wound on time rather than keep it bleeding and fail the breath. Ask side by side while writing your dissertation and avoid mistakes firsthand.

Does Your Supervisor Mark Your Dissertation?

You might be thinking “does your supervisor mark your dissertation?” Logically it doesn’t depend on who marks your dissertation because you can edit or make changes before submission and also criteria for marking your dissertation are fixed. If you have followed the rules and regulations nobody can let you fail or mark your dissertation a low grade.  So yes, they do mark your dissertation. 

Follow the changes that your supervisor advised you on! If you have made changes before submission then surely no trouble will be on your end. You will be rewarded as you have put in your efforts. The dissertation must be taken seriously and more than that supervisor’s advice is always a piece of treatie; beneficial for your success. 

So don’t forget to meet your supervisor early before starting to write the dissertation to keep the focus on the successful dissertation. Also, keep meeting in the middle of your writing dissertation process so you can get better corrections at the end of the dissertation.

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